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Instafirm Body Wraps & Spa is proud to announce the latest technology in health and fitness…Electrobody Sculpting.  Developed in Europe and now available exclusively at Instafirm Body Wraps & Spa, in Troy.

Celebrities and others use the Electrobody Sculpting treatment for help with:

* Toning muscles
* Reducing cellulite
* Increasing circulation
* Toxin release

This breakthrough treatment uses electro-stimulation to attack fat.  Electrobody Sculpting is safe and will help you achieve stunning and measurable results.

Electrobody Sculpting is completely painless; you control the intensity and for 1 hour you lie back and watch DVDs all while you are receiving the equivalent of a six hour workout. To learn more about Electrobody Sculpting and other services call Instafirm Body Wraps & Spa today at 248.879. 4818.


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