Are lower gas prices leading to higher truck, SUV sales and drop in hybrid sales.

Truck sales up, Chevy Volt sales down in October

(WXYZ) - Gas prices have been on a steady decline in recent weeks and currently in Michigan they are 11 cents a gallon less than a year ago, according to AAA-Michigan.

Detroit has the cheapest gasoline in the state at around $3.26 a gallon. Nationwide, some areas are flirting with the $3 a gallon mark.

But the automakers think their record sales have less to do with the price of gas and more about the economy and age of our vehicles.

Is this causing truck and SUV sales to spike for the Big 3, and hybrids sales to drop?

Light truck sales were up in October 15-percent overall, with SUV sales up too. Chrysler reports the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram trucks helped the company reach a third quarter profit of almost 14-percent. 

But the cause is probably due more to the age of what we drive as opposed to what we put in our vehicles. Lower gas is helping, but the average age of trucks on the road is 12 years, so the need to replace older trucks is probably outweighing the lower gas argument.   

Chevrolet reported a 31.7% drop in volt sales in October 2013, year to year.  

General Motors hybrid communication director Michelle Malcho says as of October 2013 the company has sold 50-thousand Volts with California and Michigan leading the way in sales. The drop in sales is due to a very strong October 2012 where new lease options led to a big month, making 2013 look pale in comparison.

GM tells 7 Action News gas prices have little effect on hybrid sales and report lease options, price and tax credits drive the sales more than the price at the pump.

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