White, Black and Gray: Favorite Car Colors for 2013

Car Color Provider PPG Reports Top Colors for 2013

(WXYZ) - When it comes to color, paint ranks in the top three reasons why we pick or cars.

Color provider to Detroit's Big 3 and most of the car manufacturers has revealed the most popular paint colors in 2013, and the colors trending for upcoming model year 2017 and for categories like hybrids and SUVs.

Whether its white, black, green or red, you can get your car in any color. But there is a most popular color and color trends that point towards new hues never seen before...

Is yellow the favorite? Green or bright blue?

In all the colors available, the customer's choice is rather vanilla, says PPG color expert Cindy Niekamp.

"White has had increasing popularity and we see that again this year," says Niekamp.

White, according to PPG 2013 Model Year Build Data, is on 21 percent of the cars in North America.

Black ranks second at 19 percent, gray is third at 17 percent and silver rounds out the top four with 15 percent.

Even the PPG Senior Vice President of Automotive Coatings drives a white car.

"The reason why I got my white car is it doesn't show the dirt so much."

Car paint options are categorized in 8 to ten colors. The Top Four are always a combination of white, black, gray or silver.

White is becoming more popular not only because it doesn't show as much dirt but because it's linked to our gadgets like the iPhone, iPad an Apple desktop.

"It's a clean look consumers are starting to link white with technology."

The paint we put on our cars can offer a statement.  Reds are popular in sports cars, earth tones like brown are favorites for pickup drivers and the pastels of blue and green are trending up in hybrids.

"Because that promotes a feeling of blue sky water of grass, it's more environmentally friendly."

Even though white is the favorite overall, more drivers are choosing blue. You'll see that in the luxury line of vehicles in 2017.

And orange too. You'll see that color in SUVs which offers the widest variety of color options.

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