Chevy announces new infotainment choices in Sparks, Sonics

(WXYZ) - Chevrolet announced that the brand's future Sparks and Sonics will have a wide range of infotainment choices with the addition of its new system, TuneIn, that has a global network of 70,000 stations.

The new system will be personalized, giving customers global station access through a smartphone app compatible with MyLink Radio on the newer Spark and Sonic models.

Chevrolet announced that TuneIn is one of three new app-based features expected to be available later this year for the models.

"We listened to customers around the world when we developed MyLink for Spark and Sonic, and we believe TuneIn will be a big hit with those who crave customized connectivity and entertainment," said Cristi Landy, director, Chevrolet small cars and electric vehicles. "Our Spark and Sonic buyers will have a fantastic solution for tuning in to their favorite radio stations from around the world."

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