Dream Cruisers already revin' up for the main event

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WXYZ) - The planet's biggest car show doesn't melt away in the rain and neither do the cruisers who make the event so special.

Monday night was rainy but it didn't keep the Woodward Tri Five Cruisers at home. The group of Chevy enthusiasts gathered at 13 Mile and Woodward to show off their cool rides.

If you want to be in their club you have to have the right stuff.

"You have to have a Chevrolet built in 1955, 56, or 57. It can be a pick-up, a Corvette, it could be a Bel Air or like mine, a 210. It has to be a Chevrolet," said Tri Five Cruisers Club President Roger Posey.

Besides the flashy cars the stories behind the vehicles make the Dream Cruise even more incredible. Take Bob Feldmaier and his 1957 Bel Air. He's had it since he was a teenager.

"I got it when I was a junior in high school. My aunt was getting a new car. We needed a second car at the time," said Bob Felmaier, a member of the Chevy club.

Bob's wife says the Bel Air was even used at their wedding. It carried them from the ceremony to the reception.

All the cruise events have barely begun. Keep logging to wxyz.com for all the action.

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