Ford investigates steering; Tesla fires spark NHTSA investigation & Detroit race spends $46 million

(WXYZ) - After three fires in the all-electric Model S, the U.S. is investigating Tesla and the CEO is reacting.

In a statement, Elon Musk says he requested the safety agency look into the fires, two due to road debris and one following a crash. However, he is adamant Tesla cars are safer than traditional gas powered vehicles.

Click here to see Musk's full message.

Tesla has already wired instructions to the 19,000 Model S' on the road to provide greater ground clearance at highway speeds in hopes of rolling over any road debris.


Ford drivers in cold weather states will want to hear about the latest investigation from the company.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  is reporting that Ford will inspect 386,000 Crown Victorias, Mercury Marquis and Lincoln Town Cars for rust damage to the steering shaft due to salty roads. A loss of steering is possible.

This affects 2005 to 2011 models and is part of an August recall of 419,000 of the same cars in 22 cold weather states.


The Grand Prix drove in big dollars to Detroit.

The 2013 event generated $46.3 million dollars for the region. 

that's $1.3 million better than the previous year according to SportsImpacts, a sports spending research firm. 

Tickets for the 2014 grand prix go on sale Wednesday, November 20, 2013. Click here to access the Detroit Grand Prix ticket sales. 

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