Here's a look at the top 5 high tech auto safety features that may be coming to your driveway

(WXYZ) - Technology that could save gas - even lives - may be part of the standard package on your next car.

Here's the top 5 hot features:

  • Advanced cameras: These can check around the car for pedestrians even read "wrong-way road signs" and note the color of traffic lights!
  • Radar systems that can sense impending collisions - able to stop or slow the vehicle down to make a crash less severe.
  • An engines that turn on and off at traffic lights to save on fuel. This "stop-start" technology can increase gas mileage on minimum about 5-percent.
  • Special headlights that can swivel when a car turns - helping drivers see around corners. Many cars now also have high-beams that sense oncoming traffic and dim automatically.
  • And finally - lane-centering technology. A camera can follow the road and --using the brakes-- nudge the car to stay in the center of the lane.
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