Rusty brake lines cause concern for GMC, Chevy truck drivers

GM offering fix to rusted brake lines

(WXYZ) - All new information has been released on a lingering problem with rusted brakes lines in GMC and Chevy trucks. Thousands of Sierra and Silverado owners are complaining of brake failure due to rusted brake lines.

7 action news anchor Jeff Vaughn looked into the NHTSA investigation and has heard from General Motors.

There are thousands of complaints of brake line failures into the Office of Defects and Investigations of the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. Today, GM reports they are aware of the problem and are offering a solution,  but is it enough to satisfy drivers?

Mike Thomann opened his hood recently to see what happened when his brakes failed.

"I hit my brakes, all of a sudden it felt really mushy. I hit my brakes again and they went all the way to the floor."

But the problem wasn't under the hood. It was under the truck. Thomann says he found a corroded brake line, rusty and fragile.

"They were completely rusted through, and the fluid was pouring out of it basically."

Thomann isn't the only General Motors driver with brake problems.

A search of complaints into NHTSA shows thousands of drivers, mostly in northern states, with similar issues dating back to model year 2000 and as recently as 2009.

The traffic safety agency investigated but never issued a recall.

GM, in a statement to 7 Action News states this is "not a safety issue" as the brakes still operate with a broken brake line and admit that rusty brakes lines are a problem that "can happen over time", presumably from liquid salt used in cold weather states.

GM has a solution.  The company is offering what they call a deeply discounted brake repair kit that runs $2-thousand dollars for only $500.  

But that's not enough for Thomann, who thinks General Motors should pay for the fix and notify drivers of the rusty brake line problem.

"They're not even letting people know."

GM reports this is happening to less than 1:1000 trucks.

The fix includes a nylon coated brake line to resist rust. You can have that installed at authorized GM dealer, or at your own repair shop through parts provided by AC Delco , just ask for GM brake line repair fix kit.

The repairs are typically not covered under the 36,000 mile warranty as the problem occurs on trucks that are several years old. 

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