Workers start cleaning up Belle Isle after Grand Prix race

(WXYZ) - It took months to set up for the Grand Prix race, but workers are out on Belle Isle, taking all of the structures down. Clean up is well underway. 

The hundreds of tires that were used as safety barriers in the turns are being lined up for removal. The team transports have already left.

Iron workers are taking apart the giant grandstands. 

Jason McMaster tells Action News "They say we can have it down in 14 days. There are 7 big grandstands to take down." McMaster says that many of the people working on the tear down would normally be laid off right now.

Matt O'Kane, is also an iron worker.  He is helping take down the fences that line the 2.1 miles of track.

The men say that it is much harder to put the structures up than take them down and that is why it requires the extra time for set up.

O'Kane says he knows several people that were called in to help with the tear down. O'Kane tells Action News "This is good for the whole Detroit economy."

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