New Snyder appointment to Detroit finance panel

DETROIT (AP) - Gov. Rick Snyder has named auto industry consultant and ex-Ford Motor Co. vice president Ronald Goldsberry to a panel that will oversee Detroit's efforts to pull through its fiscal crisis.

Thursday's appointment is the last of three that Snyder is making to the nine-member Financial Advisory Board.

Earlier, Snyder named ex-Marygrove College President Glenda Price and PriceWaterhouseCoopers senior partner Darrell Burks to the board.

Michigan and Detroit created the board in their consent agreement that headed off a state-appointed emergency manager.

Goldsberry lives in Bloomfield Hills and works for Deloitte Consulting.

In April, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing presented a budget proposal that would cut about 2,500 jobs, roughly a quarter of the city's workforce. It's part of a plan to fix the city's deficit and long-term debt problems.

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