Obama calls for congressional cooperation during visit to Holland

HOLLAND, Mich. (WXYZ) - During a visit to the Johnson Controls advanced battery facility in Holland, President Barack Obama called on workers to contact Congress if they are not happy with the politics in this country.

During his speech, Obama told the crowd that "the only thing keeping us back is our politics." He says that the political infighting in Washington is hurting American productivity by limiting options for people looking to make a difference.

The President used his visit to highlight what can happen when government works right, saying that it was investment by government that helped make the Johnson Controls battery factory possible.

Obama's appearance in Holland comes after less than a week after announcing new fuel standards for cars, light trucks and work trucks that would effectively double their mileage. The Johnson Controls factory makes advanced batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Obama also used his speech to call on Congress to make sure "everybody does their part" is solving the budget deficit. He called on Congress to close tax loopholes before making cuts to what he views as vital programs like college loans and Medicare.

The President also addressed calls for him to bring back Congress early saying, "The last thing we need it Congress arguing in DC." He says he believes Congress "should go back home and listen to how frustrated people are with the gridlock." He says that "maybe if they listen hard enough they'll come back to Washington ready to compromise."

He says America "voted for divided governement, but you didn't vote for dysfunctional government, you didn't vote for do nothing government."