Black Friday now starts on Thursday

It looks like black Friday is now starting on Thursday. 

Shoppers hit stores across metro-Detroit to get an early start on their Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving.

At K-Mart many lined up out the door at 6 a.m. for $97 flat screen televisions.

"I think it sucks," said Ebony Fagan.

She got a great deal, but missed out on spending her Thanksgiving holiday at home.

"I'm tired. I'm mad."

Behlu Sipley was also shopping at K-Mart Thursday morning.  She says she has done so before, because the deals are equal to Black Friday, but the lines are short.

Meantime,  even stores with closed doors saw crowds on Thanksgiving. At the Madison Heights Best Buy tents lined the sidewalk.  People have been camped out there since Monday. They say the deals are so good come Friday, they are willing to make big sacrifices.

"I might lose my job," said Lorenzo Hitchcock.

He says he will be camping out until the door opens at midnight when he plans to by a television, and save $600.

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