7 Action News is taking action, trying to get a new bike for Ericka Singleton

(WXYZ) - At 7 Action News we try to help as many people as possible in our community and we found a young woman who could use some help. 

Her name is Ericka Singleton and she was left on the street in Detroit when she was just a baby. Margarite Singleton just happened to be there, took her in and has provided for her ever since.

Now, Margarite can use some help providing for her daughter. Ericka's bike was stolen while she was riding it near her home in Detroit. She has cerebral palsy so riding a bike is not only important for her, she loves it.

However, Margarite is retired and on disability so she can't afford to buy a new bike.

Ericka needs a 3-wheel handicap bike, with a back brace and Velcro straps for her waist. Her birthday is coming up and she has asked her mom for a new bike if possible.

Margarite is worried that her daughter is starting to put some extra weight on because she isn't exercising anymore. 

If you can help, please email vfaust@wxyz.com.

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