A family in Canton is battling a disease with no cure while trying to raise money for research

SOUTHFIELD, Mich (WXYZ) - Imagine if three of your family members were suffering from a disease with no cure. What would you do?

Well, for one Canton mom and her family, it is reality and the only thing they can do is fight and raise awareness of this disease.

Like many families the Nissan's share laughs, but they also share a disease.

Husband and father Clay, 5th grader Jared and high school freshman Sydney have HHT, a disease with no cure that could take their life at any moment. 

That was a major concern last Monday. Clay went through surgery to repair malformations in his stomach.  It was a scary day for the family, considering Clay lost his Mom to HHT.

Every child of a parent with HHT has a 50% change of getting it.  Sierra is the only Nissan child without  HHT. 

The debt is adding up for the Nissan's as they battle this disease. But they are not asking for help. 

They would like people to donate to research of HHT, because there is no cure. HHT research does not receive a single federal dollar in help like cancer research. 

Since 2006, on top of being the glue that keeps the family together, Jody has been able to raise over $200,000 to fight this disease.

If you can or are able to donate, please email me at vfaust@wxyz.com

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