A woman who called for action got a whole new lease on life

(WXYZ) - This is a story of transformation for one brave, young, woman, at the worst time in her life.

"It was terrifying for me, Bill.  I was out of work, couldn't pay my bills, didn't know how I was going to eat or keep a roof over my head," Stephanie says.

I first met Stephanie Reese in 2008. She reminded me of a brightly-lit candle, about to be blown-out by the troubles of life.

At that time, she had had a great job at Chrysler, but had lost it. 

She had also just lost her fiancé.  Thomas, the man she dreamed of marrying, had just lost a heroic battle with cancer.

Stephanie was just about out of hope.

Stephanie had called The Call For Action Team for help with a banking problem that had cost her a large sum of money, but her other problems were far bigger and more important.

So, she and I sat down for a long talk about her future.

"Right then, you said, Stephanie you need to go back to college and get your masters degree.  It's the only thing that can help you at this moment, and it will keep your mind off all of this sadness,"  Stephanie says.

Just weeks later, Stephanie did just that.   She enrolled in the Masters Program at The University of Phoenix.

It wasn't easy.  Not one bit.

But, Stephanie showed her mettle.  And 18-months later, she graduated with her Masters degree in Business Administration.

It was the most empowering moment of her life.

"Bill, I graduated on June 18, 2009.  I walked across the stage, got my diploma and thought, from where I have been, and where I am now, I can do anything," Stephanie says, with her gold-embossed, diploma sitting proudly, in front of her.

Stephanie now has a job at the Detroit Health Department where she helps vaccinate thousands of children a year.

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