Action News working to help man get handicap-accessible van

(WXYZ) - Spouses always try to help their partner with small things, but in Yale, Michigan, Wendi Stoulil has to help her loving husband Christopher just to breathe.

For the past several months, husband and father, Christopher Stoulil, has been hooked-up to a huge, mechanical Ventilator.

It's a machine that literally forces his paralyzed body to breathe by pumping his lungs full of oxygen.

The fact is, Christopher is a rock; he has a lot of strength.

Christopher broke his neck when he was 2-years-old and has been paralyzed from the neck down ever since.

Even so, Chris managed to marry the love of his life, Wendi.  He has helped to raise her three teenage boys and through a lifetime spent lying on his back, he has never complained about anything.

But now, despite all of his strength, Chris is in real need of something he just can't pull off all by himself.

Living on Social Security benefits and struggling to pay the bills, Chris and his wife need a handicap-accessible van with a hydraulic lift, so they can get Chris and all of the equipment he now needs to stay alive to the hospital for his doctor appointments.

So, Chris called Channel 7 Action News and asked us to take action for him.

I have been working on this case very hard for the past few days and I think we are close to getting Chris just what he needs.

As you can imagine, getting a van that is large enough, equipped with a motorized lift is a very expensive proposition.

But, I know I am close.

Please stay tuned to Channel 7 Action News at 5:00 over the next several days, and watch us take real action for Chris and Wendi.

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