Call For Action helps Southfield couple get tax refund

DETROIT (WXYZ) - When a Southfield couple couldn't get their tax refund from the city of Detroit, the Call For Action team stepped in.

It didn't them very long to get results either.

Tommy and Estelle Floyd are retired school teachers from the City of Detroit. They filed their taxes for the 2011 year like normal and were going to get $1400 in a tax refund but it never came.

"We waited at least 2 months and then were put on hold 2 more months and then it happened again," says Estelle.

Tommy and Estelle consider themselves to be patient people but this situation put them back to the later part of 2012 with no tax return! So, they decided to contact the Call For Action team. Once they did, their fortune turned around.

Detroit City hall asked that Estelle fax another copy of her return to the city. Instead, she drove it to them and the very next week Floyd and Estelle received their money!

Estelle says she and her husband are using the money to pay some bills, for travel and her 60th birthday party which is scheduled for this month.

Estelle says, "I'm proof 7 does what they say they will!"

If you need help solving a consumer problem contact the Call For Action team at 248-827-3362 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. or fill out a complaint form here:

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