Call for Action team gets a van for a mother who begs to support her daughter

(WXYZ) - Forty-one-year-old Linda Edwards admits it.  She has been panhandling for money for months now, all to support her 6-year-old daughter Lyndia.

Living in a cheap hotel room in Belleville, Linda and her plight were unknown to everyone a couple of weeks ago, but then Channel 7's Julie Banovich jumped on the case.

Since then, we at the Call for Action team have been helping to raise thousands of dollars for Linda and her daughter and today we gave both of them a big surprise.

Thanks to Dave Benkoff, a painting contractor from Keego Harbor, we presented Linda with the keys to a new ride.

It's a 1997 Dodge Ram Van and it's in perfect running order. Dave has used it for the past several years as a work van.

Over the last few days, Dave painted it, detailed it and spruced it up for the big give-away.

Now Linda has reliable transportation to take her daughter to school, a ride to get herself to job interviews, a vehicle that will last her for years.

"God Bless you and everyone at Channel 7 for helping me.  I want to thank my new best friend Dave Benkoff, you guys are great, you have helped me when I really need it, thank you again," Linda says stepping into the driver's seat of her Dodge Ram Van.

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