Call For Action Team gets KIA to honor warranty

(WXYZ) - When you buy a car with a warranty and something breaks, you expect your coverage to kick in, right?  Well, that isn't what happened for one Rochester Hills man. 

Tony Quinones moved to Michigan and brought his new KIA from Puerto Rico with him.  It wasn't long after t hat Tony noticed a problem with his car. 

He had a sensor issue related to wheel traction.  He took his car into the KIA dealership but was told his new car warranty wouldn't work because his KIA wasn't made in the USA.

As you can imagine, Tony was shocked.  He quickly called the KIA USA to find out what was going on?  That is when he found out his warranty wouldn't work, even though his car was made to United States specifications.


Tony says, "I thought that was it, who am I fight a big company?"  That is when a friend suggested he contact the Call For Action team.  Turns out, it was the best thing he did.

Within two days of calling the Call For Action team, Tony received a call back letting him know that his problem had been resolved. All he needed to do was go to the same dealership and get his car fixed free of charge.

The team only had to make a few calls before getting answers for Tony.  They said their employees were wrong and give him bad information.  They also said they were sorry that Tony had to deal with this situation.

Tony says, "I'm extremely happy, you have no idea!" 

He doesn't think KIA was trying to hurt him intentionally, rather, he thinks they just had people working the wrong jobs!  Tony likes his KIA, the dealership and thinks Michigan is fortunate to have the Call For Action team. 


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