Call For Action Team helps man get handicap accessible van

(WXYZ) - Christopher Stoulil lives his life on his back in a bed, hooked up to a labyrinth of different machines, all designed to him alive.

This 42-year-old, a husband and father of three, has bravely faced this challenge day after day.

"He never complains about anything, no matter how hard it gets. We call him the energizer bunny," Christopher's wife Wendi says.

But now, Chris and Wendi have fallen on hard times.

For months, they have been in desperate need of a handicap-accessible van with a hydraulic lift.

Without such a van, it is all but impossible for Wendi to get her paralyzed husband to and from his many medical visits.

That's why Wendi and Chris reached out to me asking for help.

 I contacted Joe LaFrance, the owner of Enertron, a computer technology support company in Warren.

Joe's own brother, Michael, died after battling Multiple Sclerosis, so Joe contacted me, offering to donate his brother's specially-equipped Ford E-150 10-passenger van.

But the most important part of this specially-equipped van is the hydraulic wheelchair lift that is in perfect working order.

Now, we're going to give this beautifully restored transport van to Wendi and Chris.

"Oh my God, Oh my goodness, it's gorgeous", Wendi says, almost crying.

Wendi can hardly believe what she is seeing.

Now, she has all the equipment she will need to get her loving husband safely to the hospital and all of his important doctor appointments. 

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