Call for Action Team helps woman get money back

(WXYZ) - Natalie Lunsford, 48, starts every day reading daily affirmations from a book called Love Out Loud, a series of important lessons and inspirational stories that help ease her pain.

Several years ago, Natalie, a hard-working registered nurse and mother of two, went through a devastating divorce.

Devastating emotionally and financially, because in one fast move, half of her household income was wiped out.

One of the toughest challenges was paying her monthly mortgage of $1,100.

That's when Natalie hired a company to help her lower the principal amount owed on her home.

To do that, Natalie paid a company a total of $1,000 to lower her monthly mortgage payment.

But,  6-months after signing up with that company, nothing had happened.

That's when Natalie called the Call For Action Team.

That's when our hard working volunteers on the team began contacting top officials at that company.

Amazingly, just three hours later, the president of that company himself called Natalie and agreed to give her that entire $1,000 back in cash.

"I Thank you Call For Action, because I think God has blessed you with the ability to offer real help to people who need it.  You know, $1000.00 may not be a lot of money to some people, but for a single mom, a single working mom like me, it's an awful lot," Natalie says.

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