Community comes together to help man shot during a robbery to pay his medical bills

(WXYZ) - It was June 19th this year when Kevin Roote was just walking into the corner store to buy his special-needs son, Aiden, a carton of milk.

The next thing he knew, Kevin was facing down the wrong end of a loaded gun, with an armed robber screaming at him to "get down on the ground."

"He said, ‘get down on the floor' and then he shot me right in the leg," Kevin remembers.

The bullet almost blew Kevin's leg off.

The gunman got away scot-free, but Kevin Roote wasn't as lucky.

In fact for five months now, he has struggled mightily to raise his disabled son, Aiden, while at the same time battling to recover from his gunshot wound.

The worst part is that Kevin doesn't have medical insurance, so his medical bills have been steadily stacking up.

So now, right before Christmas, we have a big surprise for Kevin.

You see, two months ago Brian Matelic, President of Detroit's Own urban sports wear, decided to donate 10-percent of all sales for two months to help pay Kevin's bills.

Holding a giant, cardboard check made out to Kevin, Matelic handed him the check for $1,000.00 saying, "As you know, Kevin we held a fundraiser for you at Detroit's Own, and now I have a check for you for $1,000, and God Bless You".
But there's more to the help that has been coming in for Kevin.

Through an online fundraiser, we at Channel 7 helped raise $3,600.

Add to that, The Detroit's Own fundraiser, just mentioned which brought in $1,000.00, a special neighborhood fundraiser on Kevin's block which raised $500, Kevin's softball league, which put on a fundraiser that netted $1,000 more and a bowling fundraiser that brought in $950, and you come up with a total of $7,050.00 - all to help Kevin get back on his feet, both physically and financially.

If you would like to make a donation to help Kevin and his son Aiden, you can donate at any Chase Bank through the Kevin Roote Fund.

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