Pregnant woman on disability due to seizures needs help fixing insurance cards bearing her old name

Family called for help after no luck for 6 months

HIGHLAND, Mich. (WXYZ) - At the doctor's office, pulling out a health insurance card that bears your old name or doesn't match your driver's license probably won't get you very far.  That was the problem for 26-year-old Paula Majeed. 

She still lives with her adoptive mother – retired teacher and widow Helen Collar.

Paula has dealt with seizures ever since she was a teenager.

She's on disability because she can't work.


In August, she married her boyfriend of three years -- Kamran Majeed -- and changed her name

Goloversic was the last name she'd had before she was adopted.  It was also the name on her insurance and benefits cards.

In October, she and her adoptive mother started the process of getting her named changed to Majeed on all her benefits and her insurance cards.

But her mother found out pretty quickly that the process would be anything but quick.

"We went back and forth between the state office of Medicaid, and the Department of Human Services, and Social Security, and they all blamed it on the other one," said Collar.


To make matters more pressing, Paula found out she was pregnant in January.

"I want to go make sure the baby's okay, make sure the baby's good. You know, as a mother that's kind of what you worry about," said Majeed.

So her Mom started taking on more of the insurance paper work and phone calls.

"Her seizures are caused or can be triggered by stress," explained Collar.

After six months of getting nowhere, the 73-year-old called our Call For Action team.

They got on it right away.

She started receiving returned calls and more assistance.

The process then took a couple more months, but finally they received results.

Paula Majeed received her MI-Health Card in the mail two weeks ago followed by her Meridian Health Plan of Michigan card one week ago.  Both of them had her correct new last name on them.

Majeed said she finally feels relieved.

"I'm not as uptight anymore," she smiled.

The couple's baby is due in the fall.


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