Prized bike stolen from mentally challenged man in Lincoln Park

LINCOLN PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - Billy Brown, 60, walks into the Downriver Springs Auto Repair Shop in Lincoln Park, Michigan.

In this place, where he is famous for sweeping-up and  making the best coffee in town, Billy is a hero.

 Billy, who is mentally challenged, has been volunteering his time and working for his two friends Patty and Alan at the auto shop for 25 years.

 In fact, Billy is something of a local celebrity in this town.  But what he is known most for in Lincoln Park is his bike.

He calls it his Cadillac.  He has won dozens of awards for it, and he has customized it to the hilt.

You see that bike is a lot more than a bike to Billy.

But a week ago, someone stole Billy's prized bicycle while it was parked right outside the Al Petri and Son's Bike Shop.

Tonight we are trying to raise enough money to buy Billy a brand new bike.

If you would like to donate to help the cause, you can go to a special website:

There you can donate via PayPal with a simple click on the icon.

As for Billy, we will let you know when we get the money we need to replace his "Cadillac" with something even better.

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