Southfield woman asks for help with refund for bus trip that left handicapped brother stranded

Call For Action team contacts Greyhound

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Ella Pride-Porter's younger brother Roger O'Neal was left stranded for hours at a bus station in Birmingham, Alabama. 

What made the situation worse?

The 56-year-old has very limited mobility because of a truck accident in 2008.


"He was distraught," explained Pride-Porter.

Pride-Porter is O'Neal's primary caregiver.  She has been traveling with him. 

This March 17th trip to see family in Alabama was his first solo trip in five years. 

So, Pride-Porter took great care in planning the journey for him. 

She purchased the ticket with Greyhound online. And she made sure the ticket indicated that her brother would require special assistance or handicapped access, priority boarding, and seat placement in the front of the bus. 

"The trip was fine until he arrived in Birmingham, Alabama, at which time he was informed that Trailways busline would take over. Trailways busline never did come," she said.

After several hours of waiting, her brother called her very upset.

"[Greyhound officials] kept saying the bus was coming, the bus was coming," she recalled.  "And he was exhausted. He's handicapped, you know. His back was bothering him. You know, I just couldn't believe it!"

A niece had to drive nearly 200-miles round-trip to pick him up.


Pride-Porter wanted part of his ticket reimbursed and compensation for her niece's extra drive.

She emailed Greyhound with that request in April, sent a formal letter in May, and then followed up with another email in June.

But she told 7 Action News that she received no response at all.

So she contacted WXYZ's Call For Action team in July.

"I said well, hey, everybody else talks about Call For Action.  I'll Call For Action," she smiled.  "And I sent an email to Call For Action.  And then within I guess maybe two weeks, I got a response."

After our team of volunteers got involved, she said Greyhound posted her refund to her credit card account within five days.


7 Action News contacted Greyhound for its side of the story. 

A spokesperson sent us this statement:

"In some areas of the country, Greyhound has interline agreements with other bus carriers, so depending on the time and date of travel, the carrier could be another company other than Greyhound. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience Ms. Pride-Porter and her brother experienced. Any time a customer has a concern, Greyhound views each case individually. To ensure fairness to our customers we follow a very thorough process that, in many cases, can take some time to complete. Our goal is to make sure every customer is completely satisfied with their Greyhound experience, and we are very pleased that we were able to resolve Ms. Pride-Porter's complaint."

Ryan LaFontaine | Sr. Communications Specialist | Greyhound Lines, Inc.

As for Pride-Porter, she's relieved the issue is behind her.

"Call For Action does work," said Pride-Porter. "Thank you so much."


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