Tigers legend Willie Horton helps send youth football player to national championship game

DETROIT (WXYZ) - He is just 13-years-old and stands just four feet tall but little Jowaun White of Detroit has had one dream from the time he was old enough to hold a football.

Jowaun has always wanted to play football in the championship game.

Now, Jowaun's team, The Westside Cubs, have made it to The American Youth Football League National Championships in Orlando, Florida.

There's just one problem; Jowaun couldn't come up with the $455.00 it would take to get him there.

So, Jowaun called me asking Channel 7 to take action for him.

I reported on his story earlier this week and I asked our viewers to contact me if they wanted to help.

And you won't believe who called first.

Willie Horton. Yes, that Willie Horton.

Can you believe it?

Horton, the legendary Tiger superstar, hero of the 1968 World Championship-winning Detroit Tigers, called offering to pay the entire price tag for Jowaun's trip to Florida.

And last night, at his West Bloomfield home, Willie made good on his promise.

Willie wrote out a personal check and then proceeded to spend the next two hours of his time talking to Jowaun, his grandmother Dorothy, and his older brother Dion.

Not only that but Willie wants to come to one of Jowaun's games next year.

As for Jowaun, he told me, "Mr. Horton is a really great man. Not just a great baseball player, but truly, really, he is a big, big, big man with a big heart."

So, Jowaun is going to the game, but there are still about 30 other players on the Cubs team who are struggling to pay their way to the championship, according to Kim Tandy, president of the league.

If you would like to try and help those other players make the trip to Orlando as well, please email Kim at kimsva@aol.com .

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