Woman wanted to help her Mom get some dentures, but problems prompted her to ask for her money back

Family said ordeal lasted for three years

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Seventy-eight-year-old Fannie White needed dentures three years ago, and her children wanted to help.

"My brother and I sought out University of Michigan for her dental care because we thought it would be the most advantageous for her," said Sherrell Hobbs of West Bloomfield.  "Unfortunately, it's been a very daunting process."

Hobbs said her Mom got an upper set of dentures and a lower partial set at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

"She says they don't feel right. They feel like they're too big. Then dental student says, Oh, yeah. You just have to get used to them."

Hobbs claimed her Mom had an allergic reaction to the dentures and needed a second set.

Then Hobbs said part of that set broke while her Mom was eating. But, the most disturbing part for Hobbs was her Mother's dramatic weight loss.

"She had to go through all these tests to find out if she had cancer or some ailment.  And only to find out it was because she couldn't eat properly."

We contacted U of M's School of Dentistry for their side of the story.

The Director of Communications released this statement:

While we don't discuss specifics regarding patient information, we take patient concerns very seriously and strive to resolve matters to the best of our abilities.

Hobbs just wanted a reimbursement.

"I had been trying to get that money back for about six months," explained Hobbs.

She called our "Call For Action" team to mediate. 

We contacted the school on May 13 th.

Then on May 15 th, Sherrell and her Mother finally received their reimbursement of more than $1200.00.

"When I called the Call For Action [team] at Channel 7, that's when I was going to get results.  Without that help, I would not have been able to see my money," said Hobbs with a smile.

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