Working with DTE to get power lines moved so a dangerous tree can come down

(WXYZ) - Woody Bryezinski had a big problem in his backyard. We are talking about a 100 foot tree that had a huge hole in it and was ready to fall at any moment. 

He called DTE and they came and looked at the tree. They told him it was dangerous and that it needed to come down.

Woody was willing to pay for the tree to be cut down, since it was on his property. However, he needed the power lines to be moved back so the tree could come down.

He waited for DTE to come and do that, but he was told he was on a waiting list.  He was nervous and didn't let his dog in the yard.  Finally he decided to contact Call For Action and get help. 

In a matter of days, DTE was able to get out to Woody's house and move the power lines back so he could have the tree cut down.

We thank DTE for their quick work for Woody and he is happy. DTE says they do the best they can with the customer load they have.

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