WXYZ's Call For Action Director is honored for 25 years of volunteer problem solving in our area

Evelyn Stern reaches a volunteer milestone

SOUTHFIELD, Mich.(WXYZ) - Evelyn Stern has been conquering consumer problems since the 1980s.  She joined the all-volunteer ‘Call For Action' phone bank after hearing an ad on the radio.

"Everybody that we're able to help -- I don't care if it's thousands of dollars or ten dollars -- they're grateful, and they appreciate it. And we're so happy to be able to help them," said Stern.

A few years after joining the CFA team, she became co-director.

Twelve years ago, she took that role on by herself.

As the director of the Detroit affiliate for Call For Action, Eveyln oversees 25 volunteers every week.

"They're so dedicated. They're so caring. Some of these cases go on for months. And these people take it home with them. And they think about it, and they talk about it. And we all discuss it when they come back in.  They care. They really care."

And those volunteers know she cares, too.

"She's always here. And if we don't know who to call or if we have a problem, she's the one to call," said one volunteer who asked to remain anonymous because of their volunteer work mediating consumer problems in the area.

WXYZ Vice President and General Manager Ed Fernandez calls Stern a pure gem.

"That unselfish nature -- it's very rare that you come across that every day," said Fernandez.

"If you think about the impact that Evelyn's had upon the community, upon people, the thousands of people she's helped, the millions of dollars that have been saved…she does it unselfishly…because she has a passion to help other people," Fernandez explained.

You can tell her work is appreciated. 
The Call For Action team's office wall is covered in Thank You notes.

"I was very pleased to be able to help people.  That is such a satisfying feeling when you can finally say to them I was able to help you. Or they call you and say, 'Wow, you did it! Thank you!'  It gives you a great feeling," said Stern.

From all of us here at WXYZ-7 Action News, Evelyn….we salute you.
Thank you for your service!

If you have a consumer problem, call the Call For Action team at (248) 827-3362.
The phone lines are open Mondays, Tuesday, and Wednesdays from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

You may also email your concerns here.

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