A St. Clair County man says he was shell-shocked by shipping charges

Don't Waste Your Money

East China, MI - John and Ginny DeRue love to fish in Lake St. Clair. And most of what they catch they cook up on their new NuWave Cooktop. They love the product, but they don't love what they were ultimately charged for it.

"They hide so much," John says. "If she would have told me it was going to be 195 dollars just for shipping and handling, I wouldn't have ordered it."

John saw an infomercial for the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop, and all the extras that came with it for 99 dollars, plus shipping and processing. But it was also a buy one, get one free offer. He just had to pay for the shipping and processing again. There was no mention in the commercial about how much that would be though. John called and placed his order, along with an extra 29 dollar grill pan.

"Basically I asked them what's this going to cost me altogether, I believe those were my exact words I used, and she come up with $190 some dollars," John explains. "And I said fine, it's under $200 dollars, I'll take it."

But when he got the products in two boxes, and checked the invoice, it was much higher… $324. It turns out $195 was just for shipping and handling.

Others have complained online about the shipping charges and the Better Business Bureau gives Hearthware, the company behind the Nuwave Induction Cooktop, an F.

To protect yourself from shipping charges shell-shock, the BBB suggests always ask about total charges. Be sure the shipping charges are what you agreed to, and discontinue a transaction if they're not. Take a  screen shot on your final transaction in case you need proof in the future. Also, keep your receipt & invoice, and check them against each other. Watch your credit card bill, and call the company and the BBB if you feel like you've been wrongly charged.

As for John and Ginny, they could ship the cooktops and other products back, at their expense, and the $195 original shipping and processing wouldn't be returned. So because they love the set, they'll eat those charges along with their perch.

Hearthware provided this statement to Action News.

"Customer service is important to us, and we're sorry that Mr. DeRue isn't completely satisfied.  We have reviewed our recording of his phone order and have confirmed that he agreed to every individual charge, including shipping and handling.  At the end of the call, it is our standard policy to give the customer the total cost before running the credit card information.  In this case, our agent missed this important step, and we regret this error.  A member of our team is reaching out to Mr. DeRue to resolve this."

I asked Hearthware if I could get a copy of that phone call, but my phone call and email regarding that were not returned.

John DeRue disputes that he confirmed every charge. He told me the company called him today (5/6) and told them he'd credit his account 20 dollars.



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