Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday... when can you get the best deals?

Don't waste your money

(WXYZ) - Get ready to shop! We are now in the countdown to Black Friday.which now begins on Thanksgiving. But which day has the best deals?  Thursday...Friday...or on Cyber Monday the next week?

The days of doing all your holiday shopping the day after Thanksgiving are gone.

Now it's like betting on a 9 round prize fight, according to the website d .

One one side, Thanksgiving Day!  On the other, Cyber Monday! And in the middle, the former heavyweight champ, Black Friday.

So when are the best deals? Deal News says Thanksgiving night will see the biggest sales on big TV's, game consoles and phones. But it says Black Friday will give better deals on laptops, kitchenware, and clothing. As for Cyber Monday, despite all the hype, Deal News says it does not have the great tech deals. 

However, it reports that Cyber Monday has the best discounts on clothing and shoes, if you don't mind buying your shoes online.

Bottom line:  All these days will bring sales.

That's why it's important to make your plans well in advance:  you may not have to cut short your Thanksgiving dinner for the items your want. That way you don't waste your money.

You can read the full article in dealnews by clicking here

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