Don't Waste Your Money: Not-so-hot selling tech toys

(WXYZ) - Consumers can't get enough of high-tech gadgets. From smartphones to tablets to the latest flat screen TVs, American's love new technology.

But it turns out there are some new high-tech items people are saying no thanks to.

When apple releases a new product, fans line up overnight.

However, some other new tech items are getting a big yawn these days from consumers, according to a new report in TIME magazine.

The report says the number one tech disappointment is 3-D TVs. Prices are now plummeting because buyers are shunning the TVs.

Second on the list is electric cars. TIME says automakers are scaling back production plans for more electric cars because of a lackluster response.

Coming in at number three on the list is mobile wallets, where you pay with your smartphone.

The report says the technology is not there yet to support the product. Electric cars need fast charging stations. And 3-D TVs still need awkward glasses, which a lot of people don't want to wear.

Bottom line: if it's new, different and somewhat expensive -- it's sometimes best to see if the product catches on a bit.

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