Early holiday shopping & expected deals

Don't Waste Your Money

(WXYZ) - You may have plans to visit a cider mill this fall weekend… others may already have holiday shopping on their minds…  As we've seen the last many years, ads and plans for the holiday shopping season begin before Halloween. 

Walk into a store, stroll through the mall or turn on the TV, and it's clear the retailers are already gearing up for the holidays.  Kmart began airing the earliest Christmas ad ever on television in September. An now as we inch closer to Halloween, many stores are filling up with Christmas items. Too soon for you?

"We're trying to get through fall first, and Thanksgiving and Halloween," Becky Sefarsic says.

"It's not just with Christmas. But you can't enjoy any holiday season because they are pushing the next one," says Sheila Parker.

Still, some shoppers don't mind a head start, as it helps their finances.

"I usually start Christmas in August, I put stuff in layaway, so I can get it all."

It pays to plan. In the market for a TV, tablet or game console, the website dealnews.com predicts prices will fall hard as of Thanksgiving. Among their predictions…

    --55 inch HDTVs will drop to $429, from around 700 currently.

    --The Google Nexus 7 tablet will sell for $200.

    --The current iPad will go on sale for $339.

    --And dealnews.com predict the Xbox 360 will fall to $189, as the new Xbox One goes on sale.

But keep in mind, you may have to line up earlier than ever to get some of the big deals this year.  With Macys the latest to announce it's opening at 8pm Thanksgiving, 8 has become the new midnight.

At Toys R ‘Us, Walmart, Target and many other stores, the deals start right after dinner time, so maybe you'll have to forget about the pumpkin pie.

Whatever you think of it, an early Christmas season is here to stay.

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