Expandable garden hoses: hundreds of complaints

Don't waste your money

(WXYZ) - The complaints are piling up about some of those new expandable garden hoses that you see for sale everywhere.

They look so convenient in the commercials, but a growing number of owners are reporting that they aren't as easy as they seem. 

Everyone's seen ads for those shrinking garden hoses...that shrink up into a little ball when you're not using them.  And millions of people are buying them.

But have you checked some of the reviews posted online?  One man wishes he had before he bought.

David Kapp loves his garden, but hates dealing with big bulky hoses.  So when he saw a commercial for the "flex-a-ble hose," he got interested.

It seemed like it would make watering much easier for him and his wife.

"When this came along, the big attraction to me was no kinking, easier watering for my wife, and we could sprinkle to our hearts content," Kapp said.

So David ordered two of their longest hoses, for a total of $86.  He says they expanded just like in the commercials, but the similarity ended there.  He could not get them to sprinkle properly.

"They don't work with sprinkler attachments.  You have to have that pressure build up from the hose being off, from the nozzle," Kapp said.  "The water came out, but it was just bit-by-bit,a little coming out."

But that wasn't the worst of it.

After a few weeks, his other hose burst.

It appeared to have multiple holes. 

David got online, and found more than 200 complaints on Amazon.com, about the flex-a-ble hose bursting or breaking in some way.

He contacted the company, but received no response.

David is now stuck...as the hoses have just a 60 day warranty.

"I was trying to be nice to my wife," Kapp said.  "She didn't even know I ordered them.

Remember, this was just one brand of the shrinking hoses...and is not indicative of all of them.

But before you buy any of these hoses, it's a good idea to read online reviews at Amazon and other sites, so you don't waste your money.

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