Expandable hose stunk? You may get a refund

Don't Waste Your Money

00Remember00 all the late night commercials for those expanding garden hoses?

Many people who bought them ended up frustrated and disappointed in just a few days.

But now refunds may be on the way for some owners.

Hoses, hoses everywhere

You couldn't turn on the TV or walk into a garden store or drugstore last summer without seeing an expandable garden hose.

They were the hottest lawn product, until people started using them.

David Kapp told us last summer. "the big attraction to me was no kinking, easier watering, and we could sprinkle to our hearts content."

So Kapp ordered two models of the Flexable Hose, for a total of $86.

Within a few weeks, he says, both burst. When he lifted it up to see what the problem was, he was flooded by a cascade of water.

You May be Eligible for a Refund  
With consumers across the country bursting mad, and posting complaints online, lawyers took notice, and started filing suit.
Now the maker of the Pocket Hose, one of the most popular of these products, has settled a class action lawsuit.

Telebrands, the maker of the Pocket Hose agreed to refund up to $20 to owners. Though the official settlement claim period has ended (it was very short), you may still be able to get a refund if you return it to the store where you bought it.

Meantime, a separate class action lawsuit has just been filed in federal court against Tri Star products, the maker of the Flexable hose. There is no settlement yet, so all you can do is hang on to your receipt and the broken hose.

That's the model David Kapp bought that left him wet, and angry.

Tri-Star did not return our calls or email for comment on the case.

By the way, the Pocket Hose has  been renamed the Pocket Hose Ultra for 2014: The new version is supposedly 30 percent stronger, according to the label.

Whatever type of hose you buy, don't waste your money.


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