Grocery store markups: paying more at the checkout counter

(WXYZ) - Every day, it seems, another company is raising prices; and with 2014's soaring beef prices and rising gasoline costs, none of us want to overpay.

But a report from AOL's personal finance site says many of us overpay on certain products every time we walk into the grocery store.

Items With the Biggest Markup

If grocery stores are always advertising sales, then why does just a normal weekly grocery trip cost $150 or more?

There may be a good reason: markups on other items.

AOL says some popular grocery items come with huge markups, where you are paying much more than the wholesale cost. Among them:

 •Name-brand spices: 97 percent markup.

•Prepared salads: 40 percent markup.

•Cheese from the deli counter: 50 percent markup.

•Batteries: 70 percent markup, unless they are on sale.

•Bottled water: a 4,000 percent markup over the actual cost.

And the area of the store with some of the biggest markups: the checkout display., that includes gum, candy, full price DVD's, and magazines.

Magazines are twice the price of what the store paid for them, and sometimes four times the price of what subscribers get - doesn't that stink?

$5 is a lot to pay for what is essentially a 50 cent newspaper with Kim Kardashian's back end or Justin Bieber's tattoos on the cover.

If it is a magazine you really like, consider a subscription, so you don't waste your money.

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