If you're tired of those political robocalls... we have some ways to stop them

(WXYZ) -  One of the worst things about a big election year is not all the negative ads -- you can tune those out -- but unwanted political phone calls. In this important 2012 Presidential race, both political parties are using automated robocalling to raise money and vie for votes.

Some of these calls come to cell phones, which violates federal law.  If you think you can stop the calls by signing up for the do not call list, don't bother. Political calls are exempt.

Four years ago, in the midst of the Obama, McCain phone call war,  a Washington DC attorney decided enough is enough, and launched a political do not call list.

"Give the American people the right to stop people from calling them at home, if that is that they want them to do,"says Shaun Dakin.

Dakin now runs the website "StopPoliticalCalls.org." It asks politicians to voluntary stop calling it's members. 400 thousand people have signed up. But unfortunately, only 38 national politicians have agreed to honor it.

So Dakin says your best bet to stop these calls is to call your local elections office, and remove your phone number if it's in their files. Then call the local democratic or republican party headquarters, and remove your number there too. And you can certainly sign up on the StopPoliticalCalls.org website.

It may not stop the calls but it will tell politicians you are sick of these intrusions.

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