Local mom helps other moms realize their dreams, as CEO of Mom Biz Coach

(WXYZ) - Lara Galloway is a mom and an entrepreneur, whose business helps other moms realize their dreams. She owns the company Mom Biz Coach.

“When you become an entrepreneur, you are, we call it on Mom Biz, the Chief Everything Officer, CEO,” she says.

Throw in everything moms do at home, and it’s no easy task. Lara has three kids. When they were little, she quit her corporate job to be home with them. But she wanted a little something more, something flexible… so she became certified as a life coach, and started her own business.

“All the people I’m learning from were saying you’ve got to commit, you’ve got to drive that business, you’ve got to give 100 percent as an entrepreneur,” Lara says. “Yeah well, I’m sorry. I can’t work 80 hours a week, no one in my house sleeps through the night yet,” she says with a chuckle. 

“I just kept bumping my head against the wall. That desire to run my own company, have freedom, flexibility and fulfillment that I wanted as an entrepreneur, and to be able to get my life coaching, skill and talent out into the world, it created Mom Biz Coach, because there was nobody to tell me how to do that without sacrificing my family priorities."

For seven years now, Lara’s been helping other moms figure it out, as CEO of Mom Biz Coach. She hosts a weekly web chat. She also does individual and group coaching, working on the three M’s… Mindset, Management & Marketing, always keeping the 4th M in mind.

“That’s why we put the word Mom in front of entrepreneur because it speaks to the set of priorities we have.”

Lara is holding a Mom Biz Retreat coming up March 27-30th in Rochester at the Royal Park Hotel. It’s a jam-packed weekend to help moms grow their businesses. She says it’s ideal for the mom who’s been in business for a couple years.

Also, to learn more about Mom Biz Coach, check out Lara’s website.

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