Mom's a Genius: Commerce Township Mom makes & sells eco-friendly laundry soap

(WXYZ) - 8 year old Claire is a budding entrepreneur.

“My daughter came home from school one day and she said I’m starting my own perfume company,” her mom, Carson Lyons explains. “And I said that’s really great. And she said ‘well my friends asked how we’re going to do it’ and she said, ‘my mom can do it.’”

She’d know. She’s watched her mom’s entrepreneurial spirit, that started really with Claire’s sensitive skin.  Carson would always buy fragrance free, dye free detergent, eco-friendly stuff.

“And I noticed it didn’t work very well, and I thought you know, I’m paying extra because it’s eco-friendly and it doesn’t work as well. We can do better than this,” she told me.

So this stay-at-home mom at the time got to researching DIY laundry soap. And after much trial and error, and tweaking, she came up with a recipe that she mixes up in her Commerce Township garage.

It has just three ingredients… vegetable soap, washing soda and borax. No added fillers or dyes. The cleaning power was a hit with her friends and family, so two and half years ago…

“January 2012, I made it into a company called Squeaky Green and I started selling it at farmer’s markets and then eased my way into retail stores.

Today you can find the Squeaky Green laundry powder in the midtown Whole Foods, Holiday Market in Royal Oak, and all three Westborn markets. It sells for $12.99, and each bag can do 80 leads of laundry in a High-Efficiency machine, or 40 loads in a regular one. She also sells it on her website.

Carson still has her day job, because her company isn’t turning a profit yet, but she’s confident it will. As for her budding entrepreneur…

“I hope that I’m setting the example of you can do anything you set your mind to.”