Mom's a Genius: Local mom creates a new digital storytelling website

(WXYZ) - You may not know her name, but you've probably seen the magazine she founded, Metro Parent. Now, Alyssa Martina has launched a new initiative that helps people preserve and share family memories in a whole new way.

It's called Memloom .

The idea is to get consumers not just to share their photos, (we all do that on social media and elsewhere) but tell their stories. Memloom provides a way to do that. The free service allows you to choose between different templates or blocks, and then drag and drop pictures, audio or video to bring context to the memories. There's even a template that helps you preserve old family recipes.

Watch the media player above for the full story on Memloom and how it works.

After creating your story, you can share it, either privately online, or through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The website is giving away Target gift cards to five people who create a Memloom to share a recipe. Check out more info here .