MOM'S A GENIUS: Mom invents Kiddo Kloak; blanket with five uses for infants to toddlers

(WXYZ) - Busy moms know the struggle of bundling up your child in a car seat, stroller, or carrier. But one local mom created "the most versatile baby blanket you'll ever own" and that's why this "Mom's a Genius."

Handmade for every mother

Allison Miller is a mother of two who found herself bundling up her children and running all over town. But when her son turned one and switched to a car seat she wanted to find a new blanket to wrap around him.

"I didn’t want to bundle him in the car seat," she says, "he would get uncomfortable, he would get too hot, and it’s not safe." Like most women, Allison turned to her mother, an extremely talented seamstress, and asked if she could whip up a fleece-lined, waterproof blanket with a hood attached that she could wrap around her kids.

The product that came from her mother's sewing machine... the Kiddo Kloak.

In the car, for your stroller, and on the go!

While Allison's son enjoyed sitting in a car seat, her daughter was transported around in a carrier and she quickly realized she wanted to use the blanket in multiple ways. After countless brainstorming sessions and the addition of an adjustable band, clips, and handles, the Kiddo Kloak is five products in one!

  • In your arms
  • With a front baby carrier
  • On a stroller
  • Over an infant car seat
  • Around a toddler

Building a business

Before Allison started selling the Kiddo Kloak she says, "I got asked so many times, where did you get that, and that's really clever and I said, okay, I'm gonna do it, I'm going to start a business."

The idea came in January of last year. Since then Allison has sold 200 through online sales and craft shows.Her product is patent pending and while she isn't turning a profit yet she is hopeful the business will soon takeoff.

The blanket can be used on children from infancy to pre-school. It sells for $35 and comes in a variety of bright colors and patterns for every child's personality.

You can visit the website and online store for more information on this "Mom's a Genius" product.

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