Mom's a Genius: Rochester Hills company brings the spa to you!

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - It’s a girls' night out… or in I should say.

“You know, you can’t beat this. It’s being pampered and having fun with girlfriends,” says Emily Kuhl.

Emily is hosting a Spa party in her home for about a dozen friends. The ones doing the pampering… Amanda Schehr and her team of manicure and pedicurists, along with a massage therapist. 

They are “The Traveling Spa.”

“We had a different name in the beginning and I ended up switching because it is, to the point,” Amanda says. “You know exactly what we do. We are mobile. We come to you.”

How it started

Amanda’s a massage therapist by trade. For years she threw mini spa parties for her family. 11 years ago, she wanted some in-home pampering for her own bachelorette party, but she couldn’t find a company to do it. She saw a business opportunity, so she took a chance, and took her novel idea on the road. She hasn’t looked back since.

“Actually for some people, this is their first experience getting a massage or a facial,” she explains. “And they’re just more comfortable in their friends home or their family members home getting an actual treatment and not having to leave and go out anywhere without makeup.”

The price of pampering

A manicure costs guests $23 dollars, a spa pedicure $50, an hour Swedish Massage, $70. The hostess gets half-off her services, and typically, the rest of party goers pay their own bill at the end of the night. Amanda does a lot of bachelorette parties and neighborhood gettogethers. The company has turned a profit from the very beginning.

The flexibility the job offers this mother of 2, allows this “mom-preneur” the best of both worlds.

“I get to set my own schedule and be there for my kids events at school and there for soccer practices and that kind of stuff,” she says.

For that and for making other women feel like a million bucks… we say, “Mom’s a Genius.”