Mom's a Genius: Non-profit helps kids and families develop confidence & proficiency with math

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - As we gear up for a new school year, parents will soon be asked to help with homework. And if the thought of helping your kids with math make you a little anxious, you’re not alone.

Surveys show more than half of parents don’t feel comfortable helping their children with math.

LaToniya Jones wants to change that. 10 years ago, she started a non-profit called POWER Org Math. The mission: to help kids and their families develop confidence, competence and proficiency with math. One piece of the puzzle is working with parents through her I Love My Kids With Math program.

“The purpose of I Love My Kids With Math is to change the attitudes with parents who were uncomfortable with math or had a previous not so good experience,” LaToniya explains.

We visited one of her classes in Southfield last week.  Click on the video link above to see the program in action.

She teaches the acronym LOVE… listen attentively… observe without over-reacting… value and validate every step of the way... And explore through new experiences…

“They leave here feeling like you know what, I’m not afraid anymore, I don’t need to know the actual math to help my child… I just  need to be available, and here are some resources to help my child.”

POWER Math Org offers a variety of other programs like math expos, fun math nights at area schools and math clubs for kids.

Check out their website here to learn more about POWER Org Math