Paying bills with the click of a camera

(WXYZ) - If you're tired of paying bills online and doing all that data entry, or writing checks and dropping them in the mail, the newest feature of mobile banking may be for you.

We found new apps that let you pay your bills by simply snapping a picture with your smartphone. Right now a small number of financial institutions are using what's called Mobile Photo Bill Pay.

Chris Peper is the Vice President of Mobile Channel Management with US Bank.

"The bank is actually able to take that image and extract all of the information about the biller from the picture," Peper explains." So we can enable the customer to avoid typing all that information into forms. Then, once the biller is set up, the customer just has to confirm the amount, the date, and send the payment."

Banks and app makers the mobile technology has layers of security. Financial institutions already using Mobile Photo Bill Pay say, similar to remote check deposit, images are never stored in your phone, and using Photo Bill Pay, reveals less information than mailing a check.