Philip's Hue: a new 'smart' LED light bulb available only at Apple stores

(WXYZ) - Philips created a new smart light bulb that comes with a steep price tag. For $199 you get 3, 50 watt equivalent LED light bulbs plus a device to attach to your wireless router.  So, are they worth it?

The Philips Hue lets you change the color of the bulb's light to any shade you want. You can customize lighting wirelessly with a free app for your phone, tablet or computer. You can also set what time you want the bulb to go on and off.

Consumer Reports tested the Hue for color temperature, brightness and color accuracy.
Testers evaluated the bulb at different light settings including the default which is the color of a typical incandescent bulb and the concentrate setting which is a whiter, bluer light.

They found when the light was whiter, it was bright, but the color accuracy wasn't very good. When the light was a warmer color, the accuracy was better, but it wasn't as bright.

The bulbs can provide 16 million different colors, so you can customize the lighting in each room. The Hue lighting system can support up to 50 bulbs. Additional bulbs cost $59.

The lights are available exclusively at Apple stores.

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