The back to school gadgets and apps that are hot this year

Don't Waste Your Money

Is your teen begging for a new laptop or iPad, this year you might want to give in. Stores are stocked with the latest and greatest... including some that weigh less than one pound.

If your student is artistic, many pc's now come with video editing software and music apps. Other downloadable apps incudes math app, flash my brain app and graphic calculator app, to help kids of all ages learn math and memory skills. There are even apps to help learn a new language.

Mo Mohammad is a Best Buy Store Manager. He loves the language apps.

"They do cost, but learn Chinese? How cool is that for your little kids?

Also popular, earth-friendly school supplies such as notebooks, folders and planners made from recycled materials.

And check out the Live Scribe Echo Smart Pen . It's a pen, voice recorder, and note-taker all in one. It records everything right in the pen, and then can be digitally uploaded.

And for the little ones,Crayola has come up anti-roll crayons, because crayons that roll off the desk are frustrating to little ones.

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