Trash or Treasure?

On any given day, dozens of people show up at storage units around Metro Detroit, not to add something to their own unit, but to look at someone else's and determine if they want it make theirs!

Storage unit auctions are the latest craze these days, fueled in part by shows like A&E's "Storage Wars." But can you find treasures you can turn into cash.

I recently watched as 10 units went up for sale. I met a treasure hunter, a retired gentleman who's in it for the thrill of what we he may find…. A real estate agent who finds it fun and wouldn't mind making a few extra bucks… and then there's the woman, whose husband's unemployment benefits have run out, and she depends on these auctions to supplement her income.

Join us Sunday at 11 as follow these people through this process. They get only a quick look at the unit before the bidding begins? How do they fare? You'll find out if they uncover trash or treasures, and what it means to their bottom line..

The auctioneer tells me "You bid on what you see, the profit is in what you don't see! Are you willing to take the gamble?

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