Fraser Police search for Craigslist Con-artist who sold stolen car

When 19-year-old Abraham Hajaran saw a 2006 Chrysler 300 C for sale for $8000, he didn’t just see a dream car.   He saw a car that could help him achieve his dreams by taking him to and from college.
The business student at Oakland Community college thought he had covered his bases.
“I went and found the car on Craigslist. I went to check it out. He had all the paperwork: I.D.,  title, everything was okay” said Abraham.
But when he told his dad that the seller had used a temporary I.D., his dad got worried.   After all, how easy would a temporary I.D. be to fake? So they asked police to check it out.
“It came up stolen,” said Abraham.
Abraham had paid the $7,300 his dad had saved up for him for 2 years in cash.  The money is gone, but Abraham has some hope it can be tracked down.  He wanted evidence he had paid for the car, so he recorded video of the seller taking cash from him.  He is hoping someone recognizes the man, and that no one else does business with him.
“I am disappointed at the world, at people, that they would so such a thing,” said Abraham.
If you recognize the man, call Fraser Police.  They are investigating the crime.  
If you are looking into buying a car through a private sale one way to protect yourself is to go with the seller to a Secretary of State’s office.  The state actually recommends that sellers and buyers come in together to have the seller’s title transferred into the purchaser’s name.