Holiday apps to help you get through the holidays

Car-finders, grocery store lists and gifting help

WXYZ - Once Thanksgiving hits, the holiday to-do list never seems to end. Cooking shopping, decorating. It's enough to stress anyone out. But help is at your fingertips with a few apps that will help keep you in the holiday spirit.

For Pam Rice, it isn't the holiday season without her family's favorite dishes. But Pam's trips to the grocery store aren't always merry.

"Often, I would write down my list on a piece of paper and then turn, you know, hop in the car, and leave it on the counter," she said.

But now, Pam's smartphone helps keep her grocery list in check. From bagging food to bagging discounts, technology expert Jennifer Jolly says a slew of smartphone apps can help prevent holiday headaches.

"With smartphone applications you have all kinds of tools right in the palm of
your hand, so not tapping into those tools is crazy!"

Here are some apps that can help you through the holidays:

  • Shop N Tella – a social media shopping app that rounds up product reviews and recommendations from industry experts, the Shop N Tella community and sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Gift Plan – helps you easily keep track of what you need to buy. Jot down notes on gift ideas, personal tastes and clothing sizes.
  • Carfinder – locate your car in a packed parking lot with this navigation app.
  • Ziplist – a digital grocery list that sorts everything by aisle. Additional users can also access your list, if you want to allow items to be added.
  • Alfred -- provides restaurant recommendations based on likes and dislikes.
  • Keek – share memories with family and friends through video status updates
  • Relax – helps you relax through ambient sounds, music and video

Do you know of more apps to help prevent holiday headaches? Let us know in the comments below!

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