Local mom creates Super Blanky, combination blanket, superhero cape

COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, (WXYZ) - Moms know there among the many things you can count on your kids loving are their blanket and super heroes. That got one mom thinking.

Karen Czarnik has always been about creating things. Not only is she an artist, but she’s a professional storyteller. Now she’s helping kids create their own stories with the Super Blanky . Like the name suggests, it’s part blanket, and part superhero cape.

“It’s vital that kids use their imagination,” Czarnik says. “I think that kids identify with superheroes because they want to be empowered.”

But there’s something that makes her Super Blanky different than other capes. It doesn’t go around a child’s neck. Instead each Super Blanky has a flat interior sleeve with openings on the side. Look at it like a sideways pocket. Her design is patent pending.  

Mom's a Genius

“It was kind of like a stroke of genius. It’s just one of those simple things and that’s why people say why didn’t I think of this?

Kids can get everything from a lightning bolt, to a shield, to a crown or a heart, on the back of their cape. The lightning bolt is the most popular.

Czarnik has sold about a thousand of them so far, ranging from $33-$38 for kids, and $48 for an adult size. Yes, grown-ups like to play superhero too!

"Shark Tank" Appearance?

The demand is too big now for her to sew them herself. She’s been working with a small sew shop to help, but now she’s looking for a larger manufacturer. She hopes to keep the product made in Michigan.  She’s also hoping to get some help from ABC’s "Shark Tank." Producers have shown interest in her product, and she hopes that if given the chance, some of the investor sharks will pony up cash for a stake in Super Blanky.

You can check out Super Blanky by clicking here.

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